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Dr. Nalin Sharda gained B. Tech. and PhD. degrees from the Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi, in 1974 and 1984 respectively. Presently he teaches and leads research in Multimedia and Internet Communications at the School of Computer Science and Mathematics, Victoria University. He has worked in the IT industry, taught at Curtin and Murdoch Universities in Australia, and held visiting / adjunct positions at Florida Atlantic University, USA; Jaypee University of Information Technology, India; and Karlstad University, Sweden.

Nalin’s publications include the textbook entitled Multimedia Information Networking, Prentice Hall, and around 100 other publications. He has contributed to editing and publishing papers and articles on Multimedia Authoring and Networking in the Encyclopaedia of Multimedia, the Handbook of Multimedia Computing, the Handbook of Internet Computing, IEEE & ACM journals, the Communications of the AIS, and numerous international conferences. He is an editor for the Informing Science Journal, the International Journal of Computers and Applications, and the Journal of Multimedia Tools and Applications. Nalin’s current research interests and related publications include applications of the Internet and
multimedia systems to enhance communications and the development of tourism ICT systems. Nalin has developed a number of conceptual models for integrating the art, science and technology of multimedia systems, including: Multimedia Design and Planning Pyramid (MUDPY) – a metadesign framework for multimedia systems design; and Movement Oriented Design (MOD) – a new paradigm for designing the temporal aspect of multimedia systems.

Nalin has led other joint research projects with The University of Melbourne, RMIT University, Defence Science and Technology Organization, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Centre for Advanced Computing. His research collaborators include Florida Atlantic University, USA; Santa Clara University, USA; Jyapee University of Information Technology, India; Aachen University of Technology, Germany, and many other academic institutions and the ICT industries in Australia and abroad. Nalin has supervised over 30 Masters and Ph.D. projects.

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Dr. Nalin Sharda

Dr. Nalin Sharda
Associate Professor,
Computer Science & Multimedia
School of Computer Science & Mathematics,
Victoria University, Footscray
PO Box 14428, Melbourne City
Phone: +613 9688 4678,
Fax: +613 9688 4050